our projects

We have over sixty active projects.

Broad One Health Endectocides-based Malaria Intervention in Africa

Extending and transitioning the China-Tanzania pilot project on malaria control

Assessment of mosquito biting reduction and mortality rates caused by eave-ribbons treated with different formulations of transfluthrin inside the semi-field system.

Into the Wild: New Models for Community Engagement with Mosquito

Combining house-screening and odour-baited mosquito traps for sustainable control of malaria transmission in low-income communities dominated by Anopheles Funestus

New One Health Research and Training Collaboration in Tanzania: Rift Valley fever virus ecology

Using machine-learning and mid infrared spectroscopy for rapid assessment of blood-feeding histories and parasite infection rates in field-collected malaria mosquitoes

Integrating sustainable water and sanitation solutions to create safer, more inclusive and climate resilient cities in Tanzania and South Africa

Engaging local shopkeepers for last-mile delivery of essential medical supplies in hard-to-reach areas

Evaluation of attractive toxic sugar bait resting place against dengue vectors in urban Tanzania

Creating low-cost repellent-treated sandals that provide round - the - clock protection against Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya and Malaria

Health Impact Assessment for Sustainable Development

Extending and Transitioning the China-Tanzania Pilot Project on Malaria Control

Health impact assessment for engaging natural resource extraction projects in sustainable development in producer regions

In the eye of the swarm: Mapping the acoustic landscape of mosquito

Using a community-driven approach to identify and effectively target aquatic habitats of Anopheles funestus mosquitoes to reduce malaria transmission in rural Tanzania

Assessing the risk of Mosquito by identifying the genetics basis of their host parents (GBHP)

Using low-cost mosquito repellent chairs to provide day and night against mosquito borne illness

Targeting host seeking malaria mosquitoes using a trick evolved by their parasites

Eliminating dominant malaria vectors in rural Tanzanian villages

Anopheles funestus gene flow studies and rearing methods

Development of a new tool for Malaria mosquito surveillance to improve vector control

Targeting strongly insecticide resistant Anopheles funestus by using attractive toxic sugar baits

Evaluation of safety and efficacy of Maytenus senegalensis for the treatment of uncomplicated malaria episodes in adult patients as compared to Artemether-lumefantrine

Facilitating implementation of TB testing: The TB-CAPT (Close the gap, increase Access, Provide adequate Therapy)

Adaptation of blood-stage Controlled Human Malaria Infection for evaluation of transmission blocking malaria interventions in endemic countries

Tackling the hidden epidemic of non-communicable diseases in sub-Saharan Africa: Developing the Else Kröner Center for Heart and Lung Disease (EKC-HLD)

Effects of school-based physical activity and multi-micronutrient supplementation intervention on growth, health and well-being of school children in three African countries

Pan Ebola Vaccine Innovative Approach (PEVIA) action

Ultrasound in Managing Tuberculosis: A randomized controlled two-center study

A phase 1b age de-escalation dose escalation randomized, double-blind, Controlled Study of the Safety and Immunogenicity of heterologous prime-boost with the candidaye malaria vaccines AdCh63 RH5 and MVA RH5 administered Intramuscularly according to a 0,2-months vaccination schedule in haelthy adults,young children and infants in Tanzania

"PanACEA, a drug development programme to shorten and simplify treatment of tuberculosis

Efficacy and Safety of Artemether-Lumefantrine, Artesunate Amodiaquine and Dihydroartemisinin-Piperaquine for the treatment of uncomplicated Falciparum Malaria in mainland Tanzania

Improving Tuberculosis Case Finding among People Living with HIV/AIDS in HIV clinics in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: A n Operational Research

Developing and maintaining Kilombero and Ulanga Anti-Retroviral Cohort (KIULARCO) at SFRH in Ifakara, Tanzania' at St. Francis Referral Hospital, Ifakara, Tanzania

A Multicenter phase III double-blind; randomized; controlled study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of VPM1002 in comparison with BCG in HIV-exposed and HIV-unexposed

Pan-African Network for Rapid Research, Response, Relief and Preparedness for Infectious Diseases Epidemics

Characterization of moderate and severe anemia by peripheral blood smear in HIV infected patient in the Kilombero and Ulanga antiretrovial cohort

Monitoring safety to single-low dose primaquine co-administered with AL in routine healthcare practices: Addressing potential implementation challenges and policy options for effective roll out

Detailed malaria diagnostics with intelligent microscopy

Strengthening generation of evidence and analytical capacity at the country level (Countdown to 2030 collaboration)

Provision of Essential Treatment in Critical Illness

Anti-Corruption Evidence Programme (ACE)

Novel methods for optimising health systems payment for performance (P4P) interventions to improve maternal and child health in low-resource settings

ALPHA network: HIV incidence trends and risk factors to describe patterns and risks for HIV incidence in selected communities in Southern and Eastern Africa

A before-&-after study to assess the effectiveness of a training to improve environmental hygiene in healthcare facilities

Enhancing Nutrition Services to Improve Maternal and Child Health ( ENRICH) in Africa and Asia

Cracking the measurement nut for maternal and newborn health. Innovations and applications for quality of care in Southern Tanzania

Every newborn - simplified measurement integrating longitudinal neurodevelopment and growth

Culture and bodies: an interdisciplinary approach to non-communicable disease prevention in Malawi and Tanzania

New Born Essential Solution & Technology Scaling up a Neonatal Intervention Bundle in Malawi, Tanzania and Nigeria

Dynamic Electronic Decision tree to Manage Sick Children

SOAPBOX-Telephone surveillance

Assessing the Policy Implementation and health systems impacts on Option B+ on tree African countries to inform the delivery of Universal Test and Treat

Development epidemiology: identifying evidence-based interventions for improving population health and promoting health equity

Tanzania Maternal Newborn Health Initiative

Nutrition - Sensitive Homestead Food Production Project in Rufiji District, Tanzania

Quality improvement for maternal and newborn health in Mtwara Region Tanzania (IMCHA) "Quality Improvement for Maternal and Newborn Health At District-level Scale(QUADS)"

Evaluation of the integrated nutrition programme in Tanzania (CIFF-Nutrition)

A cluster randomized trial to demonstrate the equivalency of lower dose calcium supplementation during pregnancy for reducing preeclampsia and preterm birth

Health Evaluation and Applied Research Development (HEARD)

Understanding and enhancing approaches to quality Improvement in small and medium sized private facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sustainable, Healthy, and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods